Canon provides memory card-enabled printers, i.e., PIXMA TS9020, PIXMA MG6821, PIXMA TR8520, PIXMA TS8020, etc. If you have any of such models and have already loaded a memory card in the Canon printer and require printing a photo with slide show view, you should read the below instructions. This guide will show you how to insert the memory card, play the Slideshow and print a photo when the Slideshow is on the screen. 

Insert Memory Card in Canon Printer 

If you’ve not inserted the memory card into your Canon printer, then do it with the below steps:-

  • Take out the memory card from the packaging.
  • If you have a memory card that requires a card adapter, attach it.
  • Turn on the power and open the output tray.
  • Insert the memory card into the card slot with the labeled side facing up. Memory card location may vary depending on your card. D:\blogs 2022\pics\insert memory card in cnon printer.png
  • If the Access lamp flashes.  
  • Close the output tray of your Canon printer.

If your memory cards are Memory Stick Duo, PRO Duo, and Memory Stick Micro, insert them into the upper card slot. However, insert the memory card on the lower card slot if you are using an SD Secure Digital memory card, SDHC memory card, miniSD Card, miniSDHC Card, microSD Card, or microSDHC Card.

Opening the photos Slideshow in the Canon printer

After you insert the memory card inside the Canon printer, you can open the Slideshow of loaded photos very easily;  

  • Open the Home screen on your canon printer by flicking on the screen.
  • Then, select the Advanced print.
  • Select the Slide show to open it.
D:\blogs 2022\pics\print photos while viewing Slide Show.png
  • Selected on effect for playback to display, and slide show will start playing.
  • To change or specify the slide show according to date, and time, go to Display set.

Printing Slideshow Photos

You have successfully inserted the memory card into the slot, and Slideshow is also playing. Now there, a time could come when you desire to print a photo from this Slideshow. Here’s how to do it:-

D:\blogs 2022\pics\Printing Slideshow Photos.png
  • Make sure you load photo paper on your Canon printer.
  • In the Slideshow, when your favorite photo displays, tap on the screen. It’ll pause the Slideshow, and the image will be on standby.
  • If you want to change print settings, tap on Print settings from the operation panel.  
  • Touch the Color button on the printer. The photo will start printing.
  • Tapping on Resume will start the photo slide.
  • If you want to end the Slideshow on your Canon printer screen, tap on the Home button.
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How to print photos while viewing Slide Show?