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If you are a Canon printer owner and have come across an error code U163 on your printer LCD display, you are not the only one to have encountered the issue. Several other Canon owners have reported such an error, and it has chiefly resulted from the lack of ink in one or two of the ink cartridges in your printer. When error code U163 strikes your printing machine, you will not be able to perform any of your print jobs, and even if you try, you will get the blank pages as an output.  

It sounds frustrating, and it indeed is! But, when you cannot think of doing anything to get this error away from your printer, all you can do is consult a technician with sound knowledge, who may get you the solution to deal with the issue so that you can continue with the printing of your documents. You only need to follow the instruction of the Canon tech support team, for they will guide you with the best and easiest tricks to deal with an error for a quick fix.

The U163 error is a common error and spotted at certain instances by the various other Canon users, and therefore, you need not panic and instead start working out a solution to get over this error. Meanwhile, if you are good to go for the solution on your own, you may consider the instructions given below to make a way out of the error from the roots. Check out the steps to tackle the Canon printer error code U163 discussed ahead.

What is meant by a Canon printer error code U163?

When you attempt to get a printout of an important document with your Canon printer, and you see a blank page in an outcome, you may encounter an error message on the LCD display of your Canon printer read as “Check Ink U162/U163.” This is an implication that your printer’s ink cartridges are running out of ink and need to be refilled immediately in order to resume your printing process to complete your task.

Troubleshooting Canon printer error code U163

Similar to any other Canon printer error codes and error messages, there’s a solution to override the error code U163 in your Canon printer. The solution requires you to follow the instructions given below, to effectively get out of the issue without a delay.

Check out the points instructed below:

  • Turn off your printer, with all the connections removed.
  • Open the printer cover and take out the ink cartridges.
  • Refill your ink cartridges.
    refill ink.png
  • With your Canon printer in a working state, place the refilled ink cartridges into their original position and close the printer cover.
  • Now, wait until you see an error displayed on the LCD. If an error is not yet displayed, try printing a document so that an error gets displayed.
  • Once you find an error, press and hold the Stop/Reset button. Now, wait for the printer to restart automatically before releasing the button.
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  • Then release the button. Your printer should start working and printing once again.
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How to fix Canon printer error code U163?