For the past several years, the Casting YouTube experience to a Chromecast-connected TV has stayed almost unchanged. So now Google looks to be building a pseudo-YouTube app for Chromecast. It takes after the Android TV version.

Historically, using a phone to cast a video to a Chromecast-connected TV just loads a video player having basic details including view count, channel name, time, and date in the left bottom corner. If the clip is finished and you’ve come back to a screen saying “Ready to watch” with instructions.

A few users presently see a fundamentally different experience starting with a remote control showing up in the YouTube mobile application. The player that shows up on the Chromecast/TV allows users to closed captions, change resolution, close subtitles, and even access Stats for nerds. Additionally, they have the option to add new videos to the playlist/queue. 

This YouTube for Chromecast app is far have encountered by two users with u/garethonreddit manages to capture Chromecast Ultra’s settings screen. From the “Version” number, we learned that it’s a “web” experience, while the Customer takes note of how it is powered by HTML5. Users can clear search and watch history, as well as “Reset app.”

Through the Watch on TV link option, the sign-in ability was also present. Rather than being taken on the video’s conclusion to the splash screen, a homescreen suggests next similar to Android TV on what to watch.

Meanwhile, u/greyhood_39 on third-generation Chromecast got this new UI and revealed that with this interface, there was a serious uptick in advertisements.

Google offers a significantly more powerful and engaging YouTube experience with this new application, especially with player controls on highly affordable streaming dongles. There are evident benefits for joint browsing and having the option to accomplish more on the biggest screen in your home. This YouTube application for Chromecast experience is as yet in testing and has since disappeared for the two users.

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Google testing YouTube ‘app’ for Chromecast